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Our Purpose

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The goal of Let’s Shag is to deepen your connection with your partner/partners in an attempt to aid you in feeling free, both in sex, and your relationship. We aim to help you find comfort and solace in the sexual space you share with your partner/partners; a comfort that frees the mind, body and soul, in order to obtain sexual, and relational, peace and happiness.

Within all of us lies our true self; our inner energy that exudes our wants, needs and desires. To be able to embrace that energy and harness its potential, we need to first be able to accept its existence (I want you to know your wants, needs and desires are validated). No matter what society has conditioned us to believe, there is no wrong when it comes to your true self (in or out of the bedroom). Shame is something that is placed on you by others, and cultivated worldly views. When we can truly accept who we are at our core, we break from those views and find happiness via inner peace and acceptance. Once we find this, the next step is being vulnerable and brave enough to share this with your partner/partners.

The hope is that along your journey of self discovery, that you establish that shame is not something attached to you, rather something ascribed to you. The power in realizing this will aid you in the transition of sharing this new inner self with others. It is this deconditioning of the mind, that will bring you peace in being open to your partner/partners, both in and out of the bedroom. This is not to say the inner energies you and your partner/partners have will always align, but that the comfort in exchanging these deepest honesties with your partner/partners, will deepen any and all connections shared. This will establish deeper levels of trust and understanding, and from that create a safe space that you feel confident in sharing even your deepest secrets and desires.

We strive to find true connection in both life and sex, so why establish anything but YOUR honest truth when it comes to how you frame yourself both internally and to others? If you've done this, you’ll find that by establishing a false sense of self you will make false connections, establish unrealistic expectations, and at worst, lose yourself entirely in the process. At the roots of the Let’s Shag mission lies unabridged and unapologetic honesty. Starting first with yourself, then later branching to others and how you frame yourself to them.


If you are someone who feels they are living their life, or engaging in sexual activity  at 60%, 70%, or even 99%, and have always wondered why you never feel complete (always longing for more), the answer starts from within. 100% inner, and later outer, honesty is the only formula capable of solving these problems. Along the way, you may discover things about yourself and your partner/partners that you never knew existed. It is from this place, of true, honest, equilibrium within one’s self, that we can begin in our journey to establish better connections in life and in sex. 

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